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Also called ductless split or mini split, ductless air conditioning systems are great alternatives to standard cooling models that rely on air ducts. Ductless air conditioning installation is very cost effective because it does not require major modifications to your home or business. These systems are devised with two main components: an outdoor compressor and an indoor unit. 

A ductless system works just like traditional systems. The exceptions here are that ductwork is not needed and other additional equipment required for central cooling may not be necessary for a ductless system. If you want fast and easy air conditioning installed right away, a mini split AC system is the way to go. Do not suffer another Auburndale, Winter Haven, or Lakeland, FL summer without adequate air conditioning. Give our AC company a call today to schedule mini split AC system installation!

Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioners 

Ductless units can be installed throughout the home, allowing you to better control how cooling is shared. Essentially, you can adjust temperatures accordingly in any room that has its own ductless unit. 

Because there is no ductwork, the potential for allergens shrinks dramatically. Therefore, you can enjoy improved air quality without taking any drastic measures. 

These systems are also highly energy efficient because they run on less electricity than standard cooling or central cooling systems.

The cost of standard air conditioning repairs is on par with a ductless system, but as technology progresses, it will be easier and more affordable to repair ductless units.
ductless air conditioning maintenance being performed in Auburndale, FL

Contact Us to Schedule Your Ductless Air Conditioning Maintenance

At United Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, we are proud to provide mini split AC systems to the Lakeland, Auburndale, & Winter Haven, FL areas. If you already have existing ductless air conditioners, it is important to stay up-to-date on the scheduled air conditioning maintenance for maximum efficiency and increased lifespan. Our team can perform this air conditioning maintenance in under an hour and have your AC working as if it were brand new again.

If you have questions about ductless cooling, United Refrigeration & Air Conditioning would be happy to answer them and help you find the best cooling system for your demands and budget. Call us today to get started with your mini split AC system installation in the Auburndale, Winter Haven, and Lakeland, FL area!

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