Providing Comprehensive HVAC Services
to Auburndale, Winter Haven, & Lakeland, FL

While you may not have to rely on a heating system all that much throughout the year here in Florida, there are times when the heat subsides, and chilly temperatures roll in. It’s better to be prepared for those situations than to be blindsided with a heater that won’t turn on. 

If you haven’t had to turn on your heater or furnace in some time, you may find that it doesn’t start up or isn’t running properly. Long periods of inactivity are tough on heating systems, and it’s usually these cases that customers call on us to help them with. 

United Refrigeration & Air Conditioning will be there to help with all of your heating repair needs. Just give us a call! We also recommend that you consider contacting us for maintenance checks each fall so that you have a better idea of how your system is fairing and to prepare for the winter chills. To get started with comprehensive HVAC services in the Auburndale, Winter Haven, and Lakeland, FL area, connect with us today!

Offering HVAC Service & More For Lakeland & Auburndale, FL

 If you have run into an issue with your heating system, United Refrigeration & Air Conditioning can help you with any repairs you may need. We have years of experience in diagnosing and repairing heating systems efficiently - to help you save both valuable time and money. A reliable heating system is essential for comfort. When something goes wrong with your heating system, it is best to call for repair as soon as you notice. Call us if you notice any of the following:
  • Reduced heat output in one or more areas
  • Reduced or restricted airflow
  • Constant cycling on and off 
  • Leaking around the heating system or associated ducts/piping
  • Increases in heating energy or fuel costs
  • Thermostat malfunctions
  • Abnormal odors, sounds, or vibrations
We offer HVAC services, HVAC installation, air duct cleaning services and more to those in Lakeland, Winter Haven & Auburndale, FL. Get in touch with us today for service!

Get Your HVAC System Checked Today!

Nothing is worse than being subjected to extreme temperatures in your home or business and not being able to change it. If you have not turned on your heat for six months or more, you may want to have it checked out by one of our technicians before the cold hits. Even if your heat is working, the air ducts and filters may need cleaning or other HVAC services. Regularly cleaning your air ducts, especially before turning on your heat, is a great preventative measure to take against home fires. It can also improve air quality as the air becomes more dry with the heat.

Contact Us for Heating Installation

It’s true that older heating systems use more energy to produce the temperature outputs that you need to stay comfortable. If you value energy efficiency and want to take advantage of the benefits that newer models bring, call United. We are proud to be the AC company to call for all your HVAC service and replacement needs in the Auburndale, Winter Haven, and Lakeland, FL area!

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